LEI (read, emotion, intelligence)

Through the books that we read we live emotions but with the intellect we transform emotions into feelings and develop new and true relationships with the environment around us, with other humans, and ultimately with ourselves.

She, the being looks for his true self

We depart by the idea that books are a powerful instrument of mediation between human beings and the environment surrounding it but also between human beings and above all between humans and its inner self.

A tool for finding their submerged thoughts, through the writers words, and make their way for individual growth.


Lei Festival 2016 –  Freedom

LEI – lettura, emozione, intelligenza  (read, emotion, intelligence) is aimed at study and disseminate social themes among individuals and the relationships between people and the environment; stimulating debate about sustainable economic issues and social integration at every level to stir the conscience so naturally lead to change and make the best protagonists of the existence of the human being quality.

Freedom is the theme of the first edition and will develop in various fields of human activity: literature, philosophy, architecture, law, sustainable economy, art and theater; through meetings with the great authors, interviews, lectio magistralis, workshops, readings, multicultural dinners, exhibitions, contests and creative labs for children and teenagers.

The many activities of the Festival will be carried out in places of entertainment, libraries, bookshops, on buses, in hospitals, detention centers, schools, universities and cultural mediation centers for immigrants, to a proposal for a multi-disciplinary activities able to join literature to social.


Guests edition 2016: Remo Bodei, Umberto Galimberti, Diego Fusaro, Gabriele Romagnoli, Gianluca Magi, Claudia De Lillo alias Elasti, Vivian Lamarque, Paolo Crepet, Emanuele Bompan, Ester Viola, Ermanno Bencivenga, Giacomo Mazzariol, Giorgio Todde, Gianna Mazzini, Duccio Demetrio, Maurizio Pallante, Alessandra Ballerini,  Matteo Mascia, Eva Rasano and many others.

Meetings with the authors from november 29 to december 14, 2016